Student Work Awards :: Entry Guidelines


All students of art, architecture, interior design, environmental design, or liturgical design in a religious or secular institution for higher learning in the U.S. or abroad are eligible to submit entries regardless of project/artwork location (worldwide), project/artwork size, budget, or style. All projects/artworks must support a religious purpose, be the product of a course assignment, may be unbuilt or built, and completed since January 2015.

This category is open for submission by students and/or their professors, but must be substantially student work. When the submitter is not the sole author of the work, all other participants contributing to the design of the project must be given credit as part of the submission, regardless of discipline.

For group projects/artwork, the submitter of the project (or portion thereof) shall offer detailed evidence of authorship of each portion submitted. Project authorship (including institution) will remain concealed throughout jury deliberations. If authorship is revealed on any portion of the submission including photos, plans, or narrative the entry will be disqualified.

Judging Criteria

Each entry in this Awards program is judged for the success with which the project has met its individual requirements or program. Entries are weighed individually, not competitively.

You will need to provide:

1. Project Description

There will be a space provided on the awards submission website entry form to describe the project/artwork. Describe the needs, program, design challenges, design strategy, and projected cost (if applicable). Project descriptions are a maximum of 2,500 characters (this includes spaces).

2. Photographs and/or drawings (maximum of 18 total).

Photographs and/or drawings will be uploaded on the awards submission website. Photographs and drawings must be in JPEG format and a maximum of 2 MB each. You can submit up to 18 photos and/or drawings; photographs and/or drawings should include the following, if applicable:

  • Site plan with a scale and north arrow, showing the project and its immediate context.
  • Floor plan(s) with a scale and north arrow, and one or more sections with a scale, sufficient to explain the solution.
  • Models of the project showing exteriors and/or interior spaces.
  • Renderings of the project showing exteriors and/or interior spaces.
  • Photographs of the work.