Complete Instructions for Using the Awards Submission System

Step 1:

You must pay in advance for the entries you intend to submit for consideration. After you've logged in, use the Pay for Entries link in the Tools menu on the left. Once you have paid for your entries, you will be able to submit them using the links in the Entry Availability table on your account homepage.

Step 2:

Gather all the information related to each entry. You will not be able to edit the information once it has been submitted. The information you will need is as follows: Project Name, Project Location, Year of Completion, Denomination (if applicable), Client Name, Project Description (2,500 character maximum). Your can include up to 18 photos and/or drawings in your submission; each category has specific requirements and judging criteria, so familiarize yourself with the requirements for your chosen category:

Step 3:

Gather digital photographs and/or drawings. Make sure that each photograph is formatted as a JPEG and each drawing is converted to JPEG, and that each file is no larger than 1800 pixels on its longest axis (the file size for each photo MUST be under 2MB). Also, prepare any captions related to the images as you will be adding them when you submit the project. Remember that the maximum total number of photographs and drawings is 18.

IMPORTANT: Project authorship will remain concealed throughout jury deliberations. If authorship is revealed on any portion of the submission including photos, plans, or narrative the entry will be disqualified.

Step 4:

Using the links in the Entry Availability table on your account homepage, click on the number in the category you wish to submit an entry for. Note that these numbers are only available if you have completed Step 1 above and have paid for entries. Once a project has been submitted, it will be available in the submission list on your homepage for your review, but it will not be editable nor can you remove an entry once submitted. You will be returned to your homepage upon successful submission of the entry form. The system will keep track of paid entries, how many you have submitted, and how many more you have paid for but have not submitted.

NOTE: Release forms are not required for projects submitted to the Faith & Form Awards program, but will be required for all winners. Winners will be notified after the jury makes its selection; release forms will be collected from winners ONLY.